Custom-fit modular cleanrooms, designed and built for your business.

Softwall Cleanrooms

Flow’s softwall cleanrooms are the most cost-effective way to transform any environment into an efficient, high-performance, and contaminant-free space. The simplistic design and minimal use of material makes softwall cleanrooms the quickest and easiest solution to assemble out of all Flow cleanrooms.

Benefit from the rapid installation and manufacturing lead times and highly customizable features of Flow’s softwall cleanrooms.

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Quickest install. Lowest cost. Most adaptability.



Fully assemble your cleanroom in less than a day.

Highly customizable

Add on, refigure, or relocate your cleanroom at any time.

Positive air flow

Offering once-through air flow and adjustable fan speeds.


Designed with precision, for adaptability & performance

Flow Softwall Cleanrooms are meticulously designed to efficiently meet your operational and production demands.


Materials & structure

Made with lightweight, high-strength aluminum
For long-term durability and easy relocation

Coated in white powder-baked enamel
Ensuring zero corrosion or contamination

Utilizing the T-slot fastening system
Easily assemble and disassemble your cleanroom, with no drilling or tapping

Fan filters & lighting

Equipped with motorized HEPA fan filter units
Guaranteeing your cleanroom meets the level of cleanliness you require from ISO 8 (class 100,000) to ISO 4 (class 10). Option to pick between standard and energy-efficient fan filters

Built-in LED light panels
Offering a long-lasting and energy-efficient lighting solution

Plug-&-Play prewire

Our plug-&-play packages enable you to wire all cleanroom lights and FFUs back to a control panel or junction box with a single plug.

Basic Prewire Package

Quickest and most cost-effective solution small-sized cleanrooms

Only for cleanrooms with 1-2 FFUs
1 switch to control lights
1 switch for FFUs speed control
Simple wire structure with no overcurrent protection
Wired with a single plug

Premium prewire package

Optimal control for any-sized critical environmental

For all-sized cleanrooms
Variable speed and light controls
Circuit breakers for overcurrent protection
Wired with a single plug

Optional Add-on Features

Striped curtains
Add striped curtains at entry points or around the entire perimeter of your cleanroom to improve accessibility

Dissipative material options
Eliminate static build up and gain greater control over humidity in your cleanroom

Internal curtain partitions
Divide sections of your cleanroom with curtain-like partitions to separate processes, create a dressroom, and more

Transform your cleanroom into a fully mobile solution by adding on casters


From design to build in less than a month


Manufacturing lead time
Approximately 3 weeks, but can vary project to project

Installation time
As little as a day, dependent upon size and resources.

Installation support
Flow happily takes care of the full start-to-finish building process. We can also offer in-person or over the phone consultation, plus instructional how-to videos, if you’d prefer to do the installation yourself – like many of our customers do.


Support, your way, and at every step

We’re here to help, and proudly offer personalized support in the cleanroom selection, design, and installation process.


Consult - Start a conversation with our team of experts to better understand your options, determine which  Flow cleanroom will be best for your business, and receive an initial quote.


Design - Work with a Flow team member one-on-one to customize the design of your cleanroom solution and ensure the materials and features meet your needs and budget.


Build - Allow our installation team to take care of the full start-to-finish building process, or consult with us over the phone or in person while you install the cleanroom yourself.