Custom-fit modular cleanrooms, designed and built for your business.

We designed a new way to build cleanrooms


Simplified approaches, customized solutions

Starting out as the founders of Angstrom Supply, we have over 30 years of experience in the cleanroom industry. During this time, we've offered over 1000 businesses, across a diverse range of industries, the essential high-quality products to create efficient and contaminant-free environments.

Then we started Flow Cleanrooms.

Like you, we identified the need for cleanroom solutions that were less costly, more flexible, quick and easy to install, relocate, and reconfigure, and most importantly, custom-designed.

Flow’s cleanrooms are intentionally designed and built, from the ground up, for your business. Our modular-style solutions adapt to all business sizes and types and effectively cater to shifts in your operation and production needs.

It’s this innovative design approach that makes Flow Cleanrooms stand out from other, traditional market solutions. And our customers agree.