Custom-fit modular cleanrooms, designed and built for your business.

Hardwall Cleanrooms

Flow’s Hardwall cleanrooms are our most robust solution and offer absolute control over air pressure, temperature, and humidity.

While our hardwall solutions are the closest to traditional-style, stick-built cleanrooms, they are still modular (and here’s why that matters) and utilize the free-standing structure offered by all Flow Cleanrooms.

For businesses that require a highly regulated environment, Flow’s hardwall cleanrooms are the most efficient way to create a high-performance space.


Designed & built for maximum control

Flow’s hardwall cleanrooms offer the highest degree of control and regulation over your environment.


Customized support

We handpick specialists from our partner network to match you with a team that best fits your cleanroom needs

Total environment control

Meet the ISO standard, and gain absolute control over air pressure, temperature, humidity, and more

Simplified approach

Easily navigate the complexities of the design-to-build process with Flow's simplified, streamlined process


Partner with Flow’s Handpicked specialists

Every aspect of Flow’s Hardwall cleanrooms, from design to install, varies from business to business. No two Hardwall cleanrooms are the same – and nor is the team that builds it for you.

Reaching from our extensive network of specialty partners all over the country, we match you with a team of highly trained professionals – with specific expertise in the areas your business needs the most – to execute your custom-designed cleanroom solution.

Simplifying the design-to-build process

Flow's hardwall cleanrooms are complex, which is why we strive to make the design-to-build process as simple as possible.
We provide personalized support at every step.


Gather data and identify requirements - From the classification of your cleanroom, layout, temperature and humidity requirements, and installation construction management needs, to commissioning, validation, protocol and training, and more, there are many data points we need to collect before beginning the design process.


Determine Pricing - The pricing of hardwall cleanrooms varies significantly from business to business, and depends upon your specific needs. After collecting the relevant data and determining your cleanroom requirements, we will provide you with a total project cost.


Meet your team - Be matched with a team of highly trained professionals. We handpick every member of your team, ensuring they each have the specialized expertise to respond to your unique cleanroom requirements. From there, we provide you with projected plans and timelines before starting the design-to-install process.