Custom-fit modular cleanrooms, designed and built for your business.

Customized solutions that adapt as your business grows

Flow cleanrooms are created with an intentional and innovative modular design to offer your business an easily customized and high-performance environment for the lowest possible cost.

Moving away from traditional stick-built cleanrooms, which are constructed as part of an existing facility, Modular cleanrooms integrate sophisticated features like quick-remove wall panels and freestanding or ceiling-hanging structural designs to make it easy to put up, pull down, expand, or relocate your cleanroom at any time.


Modular vs. traditional-style cleanrooms

Customers prefer Flow’s Modular Cleanrooms over other traditional-style solutions on the market. Here’s why:


Lower cost

Innovatively designed, our cost-effective modular cleanrooms give you what you need, and cut out what you don't.


Faster installation

In as little as a day, Flow Cleanrooms can be fully installed and assembled


Optimal flexibility

Easily customize, upgrade, and reconfigure your Flow Cleanroom as your business needs evolve


Maximum mobility

Quickly and conveniently move or relocate your Flow Cleanroom at any time


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Room particle control

Air pressure control

Temperature control

Humidity control

Easily expanded, relocated, and reconfigured?


Highly customizable

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